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laughing party

I’m sure everyone at the party though it would be fun – but what actually happened was not anything for laughing about. In the video then the reporter says that the problem was caused by the reactions between nitrogen and chlorine (in the pool) – this is not true, nitrogen (just like nitrous oxide is almost non-reactive… so what actually happened?

It looks like most media outlets were mistaken in attributing the danger to a reaction rather than just simply the nitrogen gas itself – read more.

It was much simpler than that – when the nitrogen was added to the water, it immediately boiled… this resulted in a cold layer of nitrogen gas on the surface of the pool. This has two affects..

  1. Nitrogen is an asphixiant – it is not poisonous but will prevent you from inhaling any oxygen – because your lungs will already be filled with nitrogen – which doesn’t leave any room for anything else.
  2. The nitrogen gas will be cold (hence why it is used for making nitro ice cream) – so it will cause fogging and condensation when it comes into contact with damp air – ad there is plenty of that around when you are in a swimming pool! The fog itself wasn’t harmful – but it prevented onlookers from seeing the dangers that were in the pool.

So be careful and don’t mess around with nitrogen (gas or liquid) but leave it to the professionals….

Liquid Nitrogen – not Nitrous Oxide http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/liquid-nitrogen-not-nitrous-oxide/ Sun, 16 Aug 2015 22:38:33 +0000 http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=50 Continue reading Liquid Nitrogen – not Nitrous Oxide ]]> Liquid Nitrogen - Not nitrous oxide
Liquid Nitrogen – Not nitrous oxide

For the non-science minded then there is some confusion between elemental liquid nitrogen (info) and the molecule nitrous oxide (info) – the confusion is enough to cause injury through misuse (here) –

So, here is the non-science explanation of the differences between nitrogen an nitrous oxide, for the more technically minded read nitrous oxide and liquid nitrogen

but firstly the similarities: both are naturally occurring gas and contain nitrogen atoms. Neither are very soluble in water. Nitrous oxide is slightly soluble in fats when under pressure.

Liquid nitrogen is used because it is very, very, very cold – that’s why it can make instant ice cream. It can also be used as a gas for pushing beer through pipes – but without making it fizzy (because it doesn’t dissolve)

Nitrous oxide, is used because it will selectively dissolve into fatty substances – so when a substance such as cream is pressurized with nitrous oxide it will dissolve into the fat – but not the water, then when the pressure is released you get bubbles forming in the fat – hence the whipping of the cream but not the water – so it doesn’t get all fizzy – like it would with a gas such as carbon dioxide.

not nitrous oxide
not nitrous oxide

When you make nitro ice cream then you don’t get “fizzy” ice cream for two reasons, firstly the nitrogen is not added under pressure ( there is no equivalent to the whipped cream dispenser used with nitrous oxide) and the second is because nitrogen is so inert that is really has no interest in doing anything beyond simply turning back into a gas and then floating off in the atmosphere to join its friends..


There are obviously dangers involved with both liquid nitrogen and nitrous oxide – read more about pool parties and abuse of laughing gas

Liquid Nitrogen Temperature http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/liquid-nitrogen-temperature/ Wed, 22 Jan 2014 12:16:47 +0000 http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=45 Continue reading Liquid Nitrogen Temperature ]]> Liquid Nitrogen Temperature – minus 196 Celsius, 77 kelvin – but this is not the whole story, because this is the temperature that liquid nitrogen boils at so it could be considerably colder than that.

Like and element Nitrogen has three phases, solid, liquid and gas. The “normal” state of nitrogen is that of a gas – that is most of what we inhale/exhale. Approximately 80% of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen gas. To make nitro ice cream, liquid nitrogen is used.

The temperature of liquid nitrogen depends upon pressure – at atmospheric pressure this must be below -196 °C. By increasing the pressure, then it is possible to make liquid nitrogen at a higher temperature – this is how the nitrogen is separated from the air in the first place.  It cannot be stored in small quantities as a liquid because in order to keep the pressure it would obviously need to be a stored in a sealed container – but in order to use, the release of pressure would cause rapid boiling and much of the gas would be lost.

Instead the liquid nitrogen is stored in vacuum flasks that insulate is from heat, but allow it to evaporate as needed. This wau it can be stored for up to a week if well insulated.

Because the liquid nitrogen is open to the atmosphere then as it evaporates it releases heat energy which in turn will keep the liquid cool – it is effectively held at it boiling point of -195 degrees Celsius.

Hot Ice Cream http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/hot-ice-cream/ Sun, 15 Dec 2013 13:37:33 +0000 http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=42 Continue reading Hot Ice Cream ]]> This is sooooo cool – it takes everything you thought you new about ice cream and flips it onto its head! It really is Hot Ice Cream!

It works because different “gels” behave in different fashions – a traditional jelly would set in the fridge and mels as it warmed – but other gels will set at high temperatures and then melt as they cool down!

This recipe uses methycellulose – that is the key – see a full recipe for a Hot Ice Cream here

Molecular Ice Ice Cream http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/molecular-ice-ice-cream/ Wed, 11 Dec 2013 13:37:05 +0000 http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=40 Continue reading Molecular Ice Ice Cream ]]> The new trends of molecular gastronomy very much lend themselves to nitro ice cream!

Here is the British Lord of molecular gastronomy playing with Nitro Ice Cream.

So why is the idea of Nitrogen Ice Cream so very “Modernist Cuisine?” We think that is very much symbolizes everything that molecular kitchens stand for. It has an element of theatre and surprise – it can be created at the table for even more dramatic effect and possibly even more importantly it uses science to create a better product – finer quality. The idea of making ice cream faster for a smoother finish is nothing new – but by using liquid nitrogen then you can do so in an extreme way – and look good whilst doing it!


Video http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/video/ Wed, 13 Nov 2013 13:42:54 +0000 http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=15 Continue reading Video ]]> The beauty of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is that is i so fast – this means you can mix and match your own ingredients and get unique, boutique flavours!


With normal ice cream, the process to create it takes several hours – so yes, you’d be able to create custom flavours – but then you’d have to wait a few hours for it to freeze – so that is where the nitro ice cream comes into its own!

Nitro Ice-Cream and Frozen Yogurt http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/nitro-ice-cream-and-frozen-yogurt/ http://www.iwantnitroicecream.com/nitro-ice-cream-and-frozen-yogurt/#respond Tue, 13 Nov 2012 13:43:08 +0000 http://iwantnitroicecream.com/?p=4 Continue reading Nitro Ice-Cream and Frozen Yogurt ]]> It doesn’t have to be in a cafe – it is possible to make your frozen yogurt at home – well as long as you hav eaccess to the nitrogen!

As with all of the Nitro Frozen Recipes, the recipes can be used with any freezing technique – the only difference is time!

Follow the recipe in the video to make you own.

If you don’t have access to the liquid nitrogen then you can do it in a freezer – you just need to remember to stir it frequently to stop it from forming large solid ice crystals.

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