I Want Nitro Ice Cream

The fusion of science and cooking – all in pursuit of the perfect ice cream! I Want Nitro Ice Cream!

So, what is so good about using liquid nitro ice cream? It is after all a lot of effort to go to make ice cream!!


We all remember the science experiments that had us falling off our chairs at school – the combination of the mystery and the fascination with concepts that we understood – but were still excited by… well making liquid nitrogen ice cream is a little bit like that – there is a lot of smoking and bubbling going on as the ice cream forms – and somehow it is more exciting than simply boiling an egg – a recipe that also has science and “smoke” involved in it!

Better Ice Cream

There is actually a reason beyond the theatrics – using liquid nitrogen does in fact make better ice cream. This is all down to the speed at which the ice cream is make – or rather how quickly it freezes solid.

Why is Faster Better?

The reason you get a better quality of ice cream when it is made with liquid nitrogen is because of what you are avoiding – as any liquid freezes, it forms crystals – the slower it freezes, the more time it has to form large crystals. If you were to simply freeze ice cream mix – you would one single, solid lump of ice – an ice cube made out of the ice cream mix. So, how do we get the creamy ice cream? Well the way that is done is by stirring the mixture as it solidifies  – this doesn’t give the crystals much of a chance to form – so the texture is smooth and silky, rather than grainy with ice crystals. By using the high-speed method of freezing with liquid nitrogen, you can still stir to remove potential crystals but really in the short time it takes, they don’t even have a chance to form… the result of this is super-smooth ice cream!


What is the best pair to Nitro Ice Cream?

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  • chocolate
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  • honey
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